B.T.S SAFE with combination lock.

Vault Door 

Hadraman Limited has a wide range of products and services ranging from Vault doors,safes,filling cabinets,revolving doors.We also offer maintenance services of these products that we supply and install to clients usually on request.  Here are some of our products.




HADRAMAN  LIMITED has an outstanding track record in providing clients with quality, timely and cost effective service delivery;   HADRAMAN  LIMITED is uniquely positioned to ensure that projects awarded to it are effected successfully, given its technical and management capabilities and experience;?

  HADRAMAN  LIMITED understands the critical importance of, and challenges associated with execution of projects in the Engineering construction, and will deploy all necessary resource requirements in order to ensure that  such projects are successfully executed within the framework of time allotted t hereto and to the full satisfaction of the client; HADRAMAN LIMITED  possesses substantial local and international expertise to ensure the successful achievement of the Client’s objectives;




We also have the construction arm of the company which is responsible for carrying out some construction services for numerous clients.Below are some pictures of one of the various projects carried out. 

A Building project that was constructed by Hadraman Limited.

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